Thursday, April 2, 2009


Woah, the third little sibling sighting. This little sibling is different though, this little sibling is squealing with charisma. Which means once you get to the party you immediately you loose site of him. You go the whole night with out seeing him and when you finally find him he's piling out of some crazy luxury car with a bunch of people and he's all like
"Bonjour! We just went to this bar where we hung out with Tim Curry and then we met these cowboy dudes at the bar so we drove around in the back of their pick-up truck and watched fireworks and they took us to this party at Prince's house, did you know he's got a purple pool!?, Then we were hungry so we went to this really crazy restaurant that has really good greek/indian food, you would have loved it, and the owner totally hooked us up with everything and we happened to be sitting next to J.J. Fad's table so after we after we ate we totally went to this other party with them for a while and we played music with them and it was AMAZING! Where were you?"
You then realize you've spent the whole night with the same two people discussing
China's troubled international deals.

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