Monday, April 27, 2009

CT's (or those shoes that all kids are wearing)

I attended a party years ago back in Rochester, MN. It was at a house outside of town where there were bands playing in the living room, it was some sort of punk/metal music show. Obviously someones parents were out of town because you had to take your shoes off at the door. I looked to the left of the door were there was a small mountain of Chuck Taylor shoes, all of them black, different sizes and different degrees of wear and tear. All I could think was "nobody is going home with their original pair of shoes tonight". Unless, at the end of the night they sit around in a circle with the shoes in the middle and play a long drunken game of Cinderella. Except me, luckily I have never owned a pair of Chuck's, as they call them. I had worn my favorite red Reebok's, no problems.

Here's the solution. These boot-like Chuck Taylor things. For those who still want to fit in but don't have time to hunt down your pair at a party.

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