Monday, April 13, 2009

The real intent of a Justice show.

This photo was taken from a group of photos from a Justice show. I went to see Justice once. It was my now brother-in-law's idea to go and he had gotten a hold of tickets before they sold out. I didn't really know how much I wanted to go see them, I was unsure at first but said "hey, why the hell not". It was a year ago or so and I was sick with a cold or something, what's new. So, the weird thing was is I got about 15 phone calls from a variety of friends and people I had not talked to in a long time that night and the day before. They all had called and explained that they had heard that I was ill and was wondering if I was going to utilize my ticket to Justice. Some offered money that was more than the value of the ticket some just tried to talk me out of going. For a moment I felt like an auctioneer. So, in spite I decided to go to the Justice show. I danced, got sauced and noticed that a lot people making out with random people. Even a week later a friend I had seen at the show reported to me that he had made out with about 5 different people through out the night. I had thought it was just the show I attended, I guess it happens everywhere. Is that why so many people had been so determined to acquire my ticket?
I bet the "missed connections" classifieds just blow up on Craigslist the day after a Justice show.

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