Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Beat me to the punch.

I've wanted to start a band and name it Tin Can Communication for years. I came up with that idea in 2005, ask my friend Emiliano, he'll tell you. Looks like she beat me too it, except she's using a glass and cord instead of a soup can and string. Damn it, she's even one-upping me on materials. Alright, so I can't get a band together in a matter of four years, so what.
It almost worked once, we came up with one song, once.
Alright, never mind, I give up. Maybe I should just get my interns to work on the copyrights for my ideas.
What seems to be bothering me as well is that I can't tell if she's trying to give an evil glare or if her face is like Rene Zellweger's, where it's kind of always stuck like that.
How does Rene Zellweger still get work anyhow?

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