Tuesday, April 21, 2009


My god, how useless is the Red Hat Society these days? It seems these days middle to older aged women have so much other shit going on? I always see them biking (recumbent bikes, of course), playing golf, getting menopause, running, walking, and swimming (Cocoon). They always have every accessory or gadget possible to assist with performing that sport/activity as well. They get more exercise in a day then I get in a week but, I’m young, my body is not doing old people things yet. The Red Hat Society is supposed to be this club based on friendship or a club you join to make women friends, sounds a little too fluffy for me. I used to think the Red Hat Society ladies looked like a bunch of crazies, which they still kind of do. Now I get it though, they’re the lazy drinking crowd. They are the olding me’s with no friends and awful outfits.

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