Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alaska State Motto: North to the Future

These two look like they are fresh off the Alaska boat.
I love Northern Exposure. It combined a bunch of things that seem like so much fun except for the cold environment, a moose, and a radio show host that talks too much. Other than that we have a bush pilot, a new york talk'in doctor, some old ex-astronaut crazy with a bunch of money, Shelly who used to be a high school beauty queen and a bar called The Brick. Could you ask for anything better? If I had the day off and the option to hang out in a bar with these guys, I'd be there in a heart beat AND I'd bring the sandwiches.
When reading the Wikipedia article to make sure I had my facts right I ran into this little fun fact:
"The town of Cicely is sometimes said to be within Arrowhead County, although Alaska has no counties"
Way to go writers of Northern Exposure. Had they not invented research yet in the 90's?
That show was so good until it started getting weird.
Shut up Shelly.

Sarah Palin ruined Alaska for all of us, among other things.

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