Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Kid's Meal.

McDonald's has taken a big step in rebranding their company recently. The people in their advertising department know this was the way to go to really bring in a whole new demographic for a newer hipper clientele in order to stay up to date and lucrative.
The launch of the new face of McDonald's will take place soon.

He's Ron McDon.

He's bright, he's wacky, he's shown The Hamburgler how to properly apply eye liner.
He's in the "in" crowd, and he loves the ball room at all McDonald's Playland locations.
Ron McDon's favs include McSalads, strawberry shakes, and chicken nuggets.

Ron McDon says "I'm lov'in it".

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  1. Hooo-yeah! This is my favorite one yet! Nicely done.