Monday, July 13, 2009


Another intern joins the Law Offices of Johnston & Johnston team. She's the one we send out to low ball our expensive purchases. When everyone in the company needs new Ray-Bans, and trust me we go through those things like candy ciggarettes, we send Intern Grouchy here to get us a brand new box of Wayfarer's for a steal. In today's market it's all about finding things at cost, not at retail prices.
She goes in and gives the retailers a hissy fit until they can't take it anymore and just want to get her out of their hair. It's what we like to call the daddy's little girl approach. We've tried other ways of cutting costs but this has proven to be most efficient. One time she finagled a case of 12 bottles of 15 year Macallan for the office that only ended up costing us $15.00 and a box of Ticonderoga's.

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