Friday, June 12, 2009

Useasonably Coy.

Shy people bother me to no end. I feel so idiotic when I'm around them because instead of reacting or getting involved in a conversation in any way they just sit and stare at you, and then you think that they are severely judging you. There's no way of knowing what they're thinking either. It could be anything with that blank stare that's just piercing out of them and at you.
If you haven't gotten it together yet to get out and say some stuff and see if people take to it, your fault, you had all of grade school to play with that trial and error experiment.
It's part of globalization, it's what makes Seinfeld funny!
We all had to do it, what happened to you?
Home schooled you say? Too bad, do some drugs and catch up. I have no sympathy for the terribly shy and excruciatingly timid. I'm starting to feel like a scolding mother.

"Don't you get all introverted on me young lady"

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  1. Here here. This is funnier everytime I read it!