Thursday, June 25, 2009


Can we throw this in with the same jalopy of t-shirts made that have the tuxedo printed on them, or the hot body in bikini, the skeleton, the bulging muscles, the three cats in front and three cats asses on the back. The t-shirts that you see flocks of in rural trailer park areas. The T-shirts that match all the other crap you can buy at Spencer Gifts.
Can we just go ahead and dismiss this guys shirt in with those.
It's even got that same shitty plastic printing gloss to it that all the others do.
Unless that's a spill stain, "hey funny tie guy, you spilled on your tie you might want to take your funny tie off... oh wait".

Here is a small list of links of some of the most extreme T-shirts out there, the first two I actually had previously bookmarked, they were just begging me to shine a little light on them.

1. Cuteness

2. Mysterious

3.The t-shirts mentioned in post above

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