Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Setting Out.

The only field trips that really stuck with me were ones to the Mount Frontnac Ski Resort when I was a kid and one was in high school to the small tourism rivertown of Lansboro. There was a fire drill at school and everyone piled out of the school and from there we were directed onto greyhound buses with no idea where we were going. We spent the day in Lansboro eating ice cream, looking at art, visiting the waterfall and picnicing. The administration of the school later on got in a whole heap of trouble for not alerting parents that they were kidnapping their kids and taking them on a field trip for the day.
The school had just opened three years before I enrolled therfore it still had not hit a lot of walls with legalities yet. It was an art school so, yes, everyone pretty much looked like this except we all were not of the same subculture, less cohesive and more pubescent looking.

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