Friday, May 22, 2009


Are people still doing that Soldier Boy dance? I am so surprised that little nugget of pop culture miraculously crossed my path. I have no reason to monitor the rubbish that is played on MTV or MTV2, however many MTV's they've got running these days. I don't listen to any channels that would be playing it on the radio. A friend tried to be funny by doing it randomly one day just dancing this "soldier boy dance". He was unsuccessful in producing humor because I had not heard of it and he looked unbelievably ridiculous.
I requested that he never do that again and asked if he had shown this act to other people. So, he proceeded to show me the youtube video and I was still unamused. I was more entertained with the idea that I had lost connection with the new and the now, mostly just the young MTV culture, I rarely know new musicians (if you want to call them that) or any of the newest slang, etc. And I could not feel more fortunate and more relieved about that.

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