Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Unconventional Justice Fan

Whuuaaa??? Since when do Justice fans look like the Captain of the Junior football team? Now that's a bit odd isn't it. Even the guy behind him in the hat looks a little too duderific for a Justice kind of crowd. But the guy squinting from the light in the glasses must be his one dorky friend that introduced him to Justice. Good for him. He doesn't care what all his jock friends think. He likes Justice and if he likes it then all his friends will eventually start to like it once the bands' hype begins to diminish.

Here we go, the typical Justice fan. Kinda pale, kinda emo, kinda euro, kinda high, kinda androgynous, kinda dancey, and kinda full of them self. The kind of person you kinda wish would spend his daddy's money on something a little more reasonable than exspensive haircuts and 80's looking Nike's.

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