Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Scouting for the perfect intern.

I always joke about hiring interns and how I had to fire the last ones because they showed up to work sober. This guy however could show up sober as my intern. I would not have him be my intern though, this guy would be hired on as my butler for a year and work his way up into the position of right hand man. Almost like having someone represent you. If I could not make it to an event I'd send this guy for me. He would always wear a suit and bow tie like this as well. And when you're feeling blue he'd suggest a hot air balloon ride and just when you're all settled in that wicker basket thing awaiting take off you think "BLAST! I forgot a flask!" Guess who pulls a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue out of his inside coat pocket.
"Ahhhh..... that was close Mr. Smigglesworth, I sure am glad I hired you!"

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