Monday, July 12, 2010


I like being inspired by science, especially when it comes to cocktails. Finding out whiskey and root beer are a fabulous combination and a terrific American summer cocktail. Or my old signature cocktail the "Kelseya go-go" which includes whiskey, grapefruit juice, and a lime slice.


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  2. Of course whiskey and root beer go well together, particularly Wild Turkey and root beer. According to, Wild Turkey is "America's best-selling, super-premium bourbon" ("best" and "super" in one description? Wowwie!). So take über American (yes, that's right, a German intensifier preceding "America"--like taking Jägermeister shots to America on Independence Day) whiskey and pour in a dash of the ol' colonial miracle drug, and you've got yourself one American drink.

    I have an inkling as to who introduced this fine intoxicant to you.

  3. Whoops. First post had some unnoticed spelling issues. I was not okay with that.