Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I've heard people say they dislike Fresh Prince of Bel Air maybe considering Will Smith's career or Will Smith himself. For me, I grew up watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and have always enjoyed the show. For some reason I have a signed head shot of Tatyana Ali in my bathroom. It's always great to see Alfonso Ribeiro doing the Carlton dance. The man in the photo reminds me of another fun character, Jazz (Dj Jazzy Jeff) Will's confidante who was always tossed out the front door for causing shenanigans. Any variation of that puts me on board for whatever adventure is in store.


  1. For some reason there is a headshot of Tatyana Ali in your bathroom... as if you forgot the fan letter you sent her last year? Don't pretend.

    -older sister

  2. I think this is some sort of On The Fringe of 90's Rap halloween party. The guy on the left is a dead ringer for the white Humpty Hump.